• Located on a Haryana State Highway SH6 at 38th Milestone GISF has a covered area of 12,000 Square Meters and an uncovered area of 50,000 Square Meters.
  • Two covered sheds of 9,000 square meters and 3,000 square meters are primed to perform fabrication work and painting jobs respectively.
  • Fabrication workshop has two bays of 20 mts by 200 mts and Painting workshop has two bays of 15 mts by 80 mts.

CNC Plate Processor

GISF Engineering Private Limited acquired and assembled this German engineered Kaltenbach Plate Processor. The Kaltenbach CNC Plate Processor is very well suited for modern steel construction and steel trading.
CNC Plate Processor
Ficeps CNC Drilling

CNC Drilling Machine

GISF Engineering Private Limited acquired and assembled an Italian engineered CNC drilling Machine which is capable of drilling 1200mm X 3000mm X 18000mm long steel beams and boxes

CNC Plasma/Gas Cutting

The CNC Cutting machine is capable of cutting 3000mm X 18000mm steel plates up to 150mm thickness
CNC Plate Cutting
H Beam Fit Up

H Beam Automatic Fit Up Line

Machine is capable of making I/H beam of 1000mm flange width and 3000mm web width with possibilities to further extend by inserting spacers

Automatic SAW Welding Station

GISF has 8 Nos. of SAW welding station of both semi and fully automatic features.
NDT services

NDT services

Non-destructive testing services include X-Ray, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, PAUT, PWHT and visual through third party and in-house quality assurance personal.

Beam Straightening Hydraulic Press

Machine is capable of straightening beam with flanges up to 80 mm thickness with the help of 500 MT hydraulic press
Beam Straightening
Miling Machine

Horizontal Boring/ End Milling Machine

This German Horizontal Boring Machine is capable of Milling plate sizes of up to 3000mm X 2500mm

Handling Facilities

GISF has total 12 Nos. of DG EOT cranes with a capacity ranging from 10MT to 40MT with a clear space of 9m below the girder
Handling Activities
Air Compressors and DG Setup

Air Compressor & DG Setup

GISF Engineering Private Limited is equipped with four diesel generator sets ranging between 82.5 to 500 KVA. The four combined generators sets reach a total installed capacity of 1000 KVA apart from 500 KVA sanctioned load from Haryana State Government.

Stud Welding

GISF is equipped with a German engineered drawn arc Stud Welding machine
Stud Welding
Blasting Area

Blasting, Metalizing and Painting

Blasting : GISF is capable of achieving ISO 8501-1 SA standards of up to SA 2.5

Painting : At GISF we are comfortable at meeting customers requirement for painting

Hydraulic Break Press for Sheet bending

Machine is capable of bending plates up to 2500mm width and 8mm in thicknes.
Hydraulic Break Press for Sheet bending
Plate Rolling Machine

Hydraulic Rolling Machine

  • This plate rolling machine is capable of rolling plates up to 25mm thickness and widths up to 2500mm
  • Rolled to a minimum diameter of 600mm

All Purpose Bandsaw Machine

Machine cut steel sections up to 620mm width and 440mm height at 90 degree angle
Bandsaw Machine
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